The art of letting go

We are convinced that if we hold on to something, we get to control it. Detachment is unflatteringly associated with loss, therefore pain. We tend to falsely assume that once we let go of the control, of a relationship, of a dream, we lose it forever. When in fact it is quite the opposite. OnceContinue reading “The art of letting go”

A smooth sea never made a skilful warrior.

Give in to the flow of life. Let its waves sculpt you like water shapes the rock. Only then will you be able to truly know thyself. Only then will you discover your strengths. Giving in does not equal abandoning all action and care of the world. Quite the opposite actually. Letting go of theContinue reading “A smooth sea never made a skilful warrior.”

See beyond the illusion.

Everything which happens to us and around is our mirror.  Whether it is the person you live with, your parent or a stranger in line in front of you, those people (and no exceptions) mirror to us some behaviour, patterns, deeply rooted beliefs which we consciously or unconsciously follow.  Every life occurrence is here forContinue reading “See beyond the illusion.”

Do not chase. Attract.

I have come to a place in my life, where I no longer feel the need to chase after happiness or rush anything, so I can finally be happy. Because, damn, I am happy. I no longer force others to accept me, love me, because I am loved. I love and accept myself. I noContinue reading “Do not chase. Attract.”

Comparing yourself to others will be the death of You.

When you look into the mirror do you see yourself or a mixture of external expectations and highly imposed standards? Comparing yourself to others will be the death of your true nature, this raw part of yourself that you knew so well as a child, or in a moment of pure bliss and joy. TheContinue reading “Comparing yourself to others will be the death of You.”

I am becoming everything I wish to receive.

Whatever the reason is behind your action, you are going to get more of it as a result. Our beliefs create vibrational frequencies which we eventually become. We ground ourselves into emotional states by reliving certain situations, producing equivalent spirals of thoughts on a daily basis. Those frequencies attract people, circumstances alike which fit intoContinue reading “I am becoming everything I wish to receive.”

Learn to see the value in every experience of your life.

It is vital for your sanity to behold every life occurrence as the opportunity to enrich your soul. Not only will you gain peace of mind, but by changing your perspective on every situation, every uncomfortable encounter, you allow yourself to regain control upon what happens to you and how it unfolds. Isn’t it anContinue reading “Learn to see the value in every experience of your life.”

When people part ways.

Separation is an inseparable part of every spiritual transformation. Once vital transitions occur inside you, you begin to perceive the world through different lenses and your outside world changes as well. Your soul’s purpose no longer resonates with the old world, old perceptions and old acquaintances. People just leave. However, there is no point inContinue reading “When people part ways.”

How to deal with criticism?

How to deal with people, who criticize, judge and try to control you through their perception of what you should or should not live up to. Let’s not label those people as difficult or wrong, let’s say they are the addition of wisdom to our lives. How to deal with them? Well, accept them. PityContinue reading “How to deal with criticism?”

Prawo Przyciągania (LOA)

Prawo przyciągania jest wszechobecne i stałe. Nie możesz odmówić z jego korzystania. Dokładnie jak prawo grawitacji: ono istnieje i oddziałuje na nas non stop, w innym przypadku niebo byłoby pełne bezwiednie latających ludzi. Zrozumienie tego procesu przyniesie Ci wiele korzyści. Pamiętaj, prawo przyciągania jest tu dla ciebie i działa dla ciebie. Skoro prawo przyciągania jestContinue reading “Prawo Przyciągania (LOA)”