A smooth sea never made a skilful warrior.

Give in to the flow of life. Let its waves sculpt you like water shapes the rock. Only then will you be able to truly know thyself. Only then will you discover your strengths. Giving in does not equal abandoning all action and care of the world. Quite the opposite actually. Letting go of theContinue reading “A smooth sea never made a skilful warrior.”

Do not chase. Attract.

I have come to a place in my life, where I no longer feel the need to chase after happiness or rush anything, so I can finally be happy. Because, damn, I am happy. I no longer force others to accept me, love me, because I am loved. I love and accept myself. I noContinue reading “Do not chase. Attract.”

Learn to see the value in every experience of your life.

It is vital for your sanity to behold every life occurrence as the opportunity to enrich your soul. Not only will you gain peace of mind, but by changing your perspective on every situation, every uncomfortable encounter, you allow yourself to regain control upon what happens to you and how it unfolds. Isn’t it anContinue reading “Learn to see the value in every experience of your life.”

Leaving the corporate job, stumbling on happiness.

Listen to your gut, before you kill it.  I am waiting for the buzz of the alarm to go off. Waiting for the rush to start. The rush to prepare my food for the day. The hurry during my morning workout, the pressure to look good, to find the right outfit, put on a perfect smileContinue reading “Leaving the corporate job, stumbling on happiness.”

What happiness is really all about?

What is the key to happiness? What does it mean to be successful? Those two components seem to be going hand in hand in our fast-paced world. For every person success is determined by their beliefs, upbringing, patterns of behaviors ingrained in their brains. The question arises: why would we become so limited as toContinue reading “What happiness is really all about?”