Tell me how hard you work, and I will tell you how much you are worth.

Today’s culture appears to be driven by the need to define ourselves and our purpose of living through hard work. Sacrificing time with our families, time spent on our pleasures in the name of some imaginary pedestal described by society became a new trend. 

We have been raised in the world of monuments ranking suffering and discomfort as honor and glory.

An omnipresent misunderstanding seems to prevail; in order to prove our worth, we need to act in accordance with the expectations of our family members, peers, media and abstract standards set by society.

Tell me how hard you work, and I will tell you how much you are worth.

The first question we ask of a newly met person: what do you do for a living?

What if my answer is as follows: I am human. I am happy. I am me. I am free. My goal in life is to be happy.

Your occupation in life, the title which has been granted to you, can hardly tell me what kind of human being you are. Occupations stir up the growth of stereotypes. Our beliefs have been installed based on people we have already met, only to have it transferred to those we interact with later on.

Imagine the scenario: since you are satisfied and fulfilled with the ways your life is unfolding, would you feel the urge to criticize or blame anyone? Would you give in to the need of scrutinizing one another or judge them by their appearance, what clothes they wear, what cars they seem to drive around?

I bet you wouldn’t give a shit.

Now, answer yourself this question: how the person who criticizes, finds faults in others, lectures everyone must feel inside and through what values and lenses does this person perceive the world?

The level of happiness of another person is not your responsibility. 

How often do we put our contentment in the hands of somebody else? Once we become enslaved by the conditional behaviour of others, we are doomed. There is no way to control the other person’s behaviour in order to fit our needs.

Once you are aware of your worth, you do not feel the need to justify your existence, your choices or the value of your beliefs. You get to be free in following your own truth.

You will never be able to fully enjoy the taste of freedom until you let go of the need to please everyone. The top priority should always be you.

No one is responsible for how you are feeling right at this moment. You cannot burden anyone with the responsibility to make you happy. Only you can decide to be at peace despite external circumstances.

Your freedom lies as the basis of your happiness. 

Freedom cannot exist without happiness and the other way around. When you only allow for one person to dictate the way you feel about yourself and this world, your interests, you deprive yourself of the freedom, thus the ability to stay happy.

You are never able to help yourself as long as you feel worthless and unfulfilled. You must take care of your needs in the first place in order to bring light into the existence of others.

People who chase after success, fame and status are only chasing validation as they are unable to grant it themselves. They are in relentless pursuit of applause, external validation. It is like a never-ending reel. Do not be fooled that the pursuit of happiness is what brings you happiness.

When you remain in harmony with yourself, once you accept your interests and capabilities by feeling good about yourself for who you really are, you do not need acceptance and justification for actions and choices you make.

I truly believe that every situation, event, person we interact with, appears in our life because we invited them by our thoughts and beliefs. Every aspect of our reality is a mirror of ourselves and the essence of our energy. We can label hardships as lessons. All in all, the circumstances become our mirror.

It is only up to us how we approach each person we meet. Will we allow them to be dragged into the drama going on in their lives, or will we stay true to who we really are?

I realize that many people may not agree with the theory that we create events and occurrences in our lives. If they were to agree, it would imply taking full responsibility for their present reality and the mess they have already made. Would it suggest that we are unable to control our reality? Quite the opposite. You are never a problem. The paradigm by which we have been programmed to think can be at fault. Since we can mindfully change our beliefs, we can perfectly reshape our world by learning new patterns of thinking. 

Do not let yourself be discouraged by the story of somebody else. His or her perception is theirs only. They see the world through a specific set of lenses, the illusion which presents itself to them is conditioned by their beliefs only. Your story is unique. Your story is just as beautiful and important as theirs. Your story is yours only, and you are in control of how you tell the story by ideas you choose to believe in.

A happy journey always guarantees you the happy ending.

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