How to use uncertainty to your advantage?

It seems a pervasive approach to expect the unexpected, to refrain from making plans. Yet today, more than ever, one can stumble upon articles, self-help books emphasizing the importance of setting goals.

Our lives have evolved substantially, as one would like to say into more complexed times. However, I would like to use the term “diversified”.

The unknown stirs a vast array of emotions, from fear and panic to hope and excitement.

Uncertainty can cause us to feel more stressed indeed, but only if we let it.

It seems natural for the human mind to become impatient, to cross things out from the „to do” list as quickly as possible. The question remains: is it natural or have we programmed ourselves to follow the suit?

Jumping from one thing onto the next can be driven by anxiety. The mind programs us to believe that by accomplishing one more thing we can fence ourselves out from any disaster or unexpected turns of events.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Sometimes productivity can be a disguise for escapism; an escape from coping with our emotions, fears and thoughts about the future.

You see…

The mind worships the familiar, the comfort. We become accustomed to the decisions we make based on the same assumptions and perspective. We live on autopilot. Everything which is unknown seems fearful, almost wrong. Everything outside our comfort zone seems illogical.

In fact…

We are not afraid of the unknown.

We are afraid to lose what we already know. Because throughout the time we have developed a bond with the familiar, we have built an attachment. We have constructed our identity upon the reality we have been living, based on the possessions, people we became accustomed to.

Once we are aware of the attachment, of our expectations towards it, we can begin changing those beliefs and become free.

I regard mindfulness as the cure to it all. A soothing solution to deeply hidden unprocessed emotions, past traumas which hold a firm grasp on our present state.

Whatever you believe, that is exactly what you will encounter in your physical experience.

Fear will always become what you make of it. It can be given paralyzing power. It may push you towards spontaneous acts.

Utilize the fear by giving it the meaning of motivation. Let it carry strength and power. Let it become the incentive to fulfil your dreams.

Embrace the fear with open arms. Emotions we feel, guide us. Fear is exactly that, just an emotion.

Look upon your past experiences. Isn’t that the case; with every fear arrives a triumph in the shape of satisfaction by overcoming anxiety? The victory disguised as a precious lesson. You can always come out as a winner by approaching every situation with a perception of a milestone, a step towards growth.

Mindfulness in times of heightened stress and uncertainty surely is bliss.

Can it be painful? Yes.

Can it be scary? Hopefully.

The uncomfortable is what makes us grow.

Plunging yourself into scary „what may happen” thoughts will not yield you any desirable effects. Giving in to worst-case scenarios will only elevate your stress levels, thus cloud your clear judgments.

When your future is questioned, your body becomes oversensitive and hardwired for survival.

It all boils down to how you wish to perceive the unfamiliar as everything in life will become whatever the meaning you ascribe to it.

For example: if you are convinced that every new situation brings new obstacles which you cannot handle (probably because of past events and traumas), then every new situation will be scary and uncomfortable.

However, if you choose to look upon new uncomfortable situations as milestones to greatness, a chance to discover new skills, new paths to develop your perception; those uncertain times can be madly thrilling and always bring new possibilities.

We have fallen into the trap of being driven by the mind when in fact we are in control of the mind and thoughts. We decide how to program it and to make the best use of it.

Once you program your mind to seek positive aspects in every circumstance, it will serve you. Getting a new job in a new city can be a scary endeavour to make new friends and learn new skills or an exciting chapter of your life journey. You decide which one suits you best.

We cannot change the external circumstances which may seem are befalling us. What we can alter is our reaction to every life occurrence.

If it makes you uncomfortable, that is probably your biggest opportunity. A chance to grow. A chance to learn.

Usually, things that bother you the most are the ones that bring you more satisfaction. It gives you a new perspective on life.

Putting it briefly: trust the unfamiliar. The unknown is where all the magic happens.

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