A smooth sea never made a skilful warrior.

Give in to the flow of life. Let its waves sculpt you like water shapes the rock. Only then will you be able to truly know thyself. Only then will you discover your strengths.

Giving in does not equal abandoning all action and care of the world. Quite the opposite actually. Letting go of the control means trusting. And trust takes a lot of courage. 

We should not be afraid of any adversities in our life, because those adversities are what shape the individuality of our nature. They should not even be labelled as „obstacles” as any situation will only become the meaning we grant it with. Every challenge is here for us to grow, to expand.

I have personally struggled with life challenges. I swiftly avoided uncomfortable situations which, in fact, all along have been disguised as opportunities to grow, to get to know ourselves better. Finally, I came to the realization: every theme of our life will reoccur until we learn to accept it, familiarize with it and discover its true value. Until we cease to emit the same frequency of the „problem”, it will not disappear. 

Those grievous circumstances are here to serve us. The heartbreak will make you stronger and lead you to more valuable connections, especially the one with yourself. Squandering money will teach you to value abundance in other areas of your life. The solitude lets you dive deeper in the realm of your soul where your weaknesses are developed into strengths. Boring job will inspire you to follow your passion. Losing someone you cherish will reveal the power of love, longing for a family or independence. 

Do not fear. Trust. Perceive the world as you wish to see it. Look where you want to be. Let the ugly, the jealousy, the anger and the failure cease to exist by drawing attention away from it. We are in charge of our focus. Perceive with gratitude. 

The raging sea will always educate you how to sail, exposing the broader perspective, especially in the midst of massive chaos. For this disarray will deliver to you the clarity between that which you desire, and that which you do not wish to experience. 

The world is designed especially for your enjoyment. Every day is up to your perspective, how you perceive time, space and opportunities around you. 

Obstacles, notion of lack are illusion. There are only opportunities to grow. 

With every situation you can only gain. 

You win knowledge. You win experience. You win insight.

As we get older we pick up feelings of doubt, fear and worry, only because we let it. You are in control of how this world presents itself to you. Remain in the feeling of clarity, satisfaction and expecting the best.

Acquire new thinking, program your mind anew, fire up innovative combinations of neurons inside your brain. Download a new software. 

You get to have a choice.

You get to decide whether you choose happiness.

You get to decide whether you choose growth.

Every day you get to decide what kind of attitude you wish to adopt.

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