See beyond the illusion.

Everything which happens to us and around is our mirror. 

Whether it is the person you live with, your parent or a stranger in line in front of you, those people (and no exceptions) mirror to us some behaviour, patterns, deeply rooted beliefs which we consciously or unconsciously follow. 

Every life occurrence is here for us, either to teach us or to reveal the illusion in front of us. 

Once we start to perceive the world through lenses of „nothing is random” it becomes easier to navigate our magnificent life experience without placing yourself in the victim narrative. 

Situations are like movies which we can observe, participate in, consciously choosing our thoughts and feelings about them. Let’s choose to learn from the events of our lives. 

Look at patterns that are re-occurring in your life, your relationships, situations repeating themselves over and over again. What do they tell about you? How do you perceive the world? Do you trust in the good nature of people? Do they cheat? Do they hurt you? Are you satisfied with your workplace? 

Life always reflects back to you. Nature will always reflect back to you. People will always be your most precious teachers. Acknowledge your beliefs about this world and work around them. 

Your core beliefs about yourself will always extract certain behaviours from others. Your core beliefs will mirror back situations you find yourself in. The external world is only the illusion in which we participate. The external reveals core insecurities or fear that we held within ourselves. 

Life is for us to help us heal. 

So acknowledge that you are responsible for everything you are experiencing. Every creation. 

It can be uncomfortable to take full responsibility for our beliefs, choices, thoughts and behaviours. But it can also be quite freeing and satisfying knowing that we are here living life on our own terms or should I say, deeply rooted beliefs. 

What we hold within, projects to us the reality we experience. So, in order to change the surrounding, one needs to change the core of its being, the assumptions about life, the emotions inside us, the perspective we hold within of the world outside. 

Learn to see beyond the illusion. 

Create from the place of personal power. 

Until you change your core beliefs, until you change your inner world, nothing outside will shift. You will experience the same events over and over again. 

First of all, decide what reality you want to create. Do not dwell if it is possible, how will you achieve this, what must happen in order for you to go from place A to place B. That is not your concern.

Second of all, acknowledge what patterns life plays for you on repeat. Fix that bug. Take responsibility for your emotions. Do not run away from them. Immerse in it. See them. Shed a light. Recognize how you feel about important aspects of your life.

Next, change what you believe about love, money, health, family life. Paint the picture you want to present. Feel new emotions. Become love. Fall in love with your life before anyone falls in love with you. Feel the freedom before wealth manifests itself to you because no one needs money in order to announce themselves as a free human being. Wake up refreshed and grateful for your health and energetic body, ability to perform various physical tasks. 

Once you change the internal perception of every detail of your world around you, the external will follow suit. That is the Law.

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