Stop hating the ego.

Ego is claimed to be the number one enemy of the self-help craze. It came to be associated with a nasty voice in our head which needs to be destroyed, suppressed, totally eradicated. 

You don’t get rid of the ego or the mind. Those are your instruments, just like this body to experience this physical realm. 

Ego is never the issue, your perception of the ego gets in your way.

Since the ego is an intrinsic part of ourselves it seems quite adequate to accept all parts of whom we came to be. 

I have learnt that the best practice in order to experience peace and harmony is acceptance. 

Stop hating the ego and perceiving the mind as the culprit. They are here to serve you. Use them well, use them mindfully. Embrace them

Once you question your beliefs, the mind and the ego go quiet. And once you make the space, you have more capacity to ask powerful questions and receive powerful answers. 

Ego is an intrinsic part of ourselves, every human being. By demonizing the ego, we condemn parts of ourselves. We reject the natural process of being human.

What would you like the fertilizer to be? Hatred, shame or love and acceptance? 

What would you like to be driven by? Your unconscious ego or the power of love? Your monkey thoughts or joy and laughter? 

What you cultivate within yourself that you will also experience in your life. 

You are in control of your reality by guiding your thoughts towards the desired direction. 

Yes, you are human. You are driven by emotions, desires. You are perfect in just being you.

Stop demonizing the ego. Stop condemning parts of yourself. Acknowledge what is driving you at this very moment, so perhaps you can take control of the steering wheel? Examine your thoughts, bring yourself to this present moment. 

The crucial part is to be aware of your emotions (fears, hopes) not pushing them away, burying them underneath. They are not going to just disappear but will come back stronger. Once you see, once you acknowledge, once you honour the state that you are in, you get to understand and only then change it as you please. Or better perhaps to not trying to change anything. I know we have been raised in a culture where we are supposed to act, change the situation as it arises. But what about if we just accept? Just let it be? Sit with it, in it. Emerge in those emotions without trying to control or change anything. 

Guess what happens? 

The ego, the mind is dumbstruck. 

Those parts of ourselves are so used to our control that they are helpless once we acknowledge them. They have no next place to go, no place to hide, they just are. They are no longer in control because we honour them, we accept them so they no longer need to control us, just coexist, not as enemies, but as equals. 

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