The art of letting go.

Letting go is easy.

Allow it to be easy.

What you believe makes it true. 

Detachment is associated with loss, therefore pain. We tend to believe that once we let go of the control, of a relationship, of a dream, we lose it forever. When in fact it is quite the opposite.

Once you let go, you allow for the magic to unfold. 

Have you ever got this paralysing feeling of that burning desire and its threat of not being fulfilled? Have you ever longed for something so much that the fear of actually not getting it left you exhausted?

Attachment do not serve you. You can feel comfort in it. You can feel a temporary pleasure, but it will not bring you fulfilment and long-time happiness. 

When you are attached to the outcome of a situation, to a person, to possessions, you are actually stating that who you are equals the thing or that person. You are actually building your identity upon something external, something breakable, something that can be easily taken away from you. Now, what is it that you are left with? An emptiness? What an illusion.

Do I advocate for not caring? 


Not caring what others might think.

Not caring whether you get that specific job or another.

Not caring whether your partner enjoys the movie. 

Not caring whether they like you, worship you or accept you.

You are not caring because you feel pretty damn well either way.

Your happiness does not depend upon the behaviour of other people. Your happiness is not dependent upon the outcome of that situation because you trust unshakably in the great timing and your ability to stay well along the way despite the external conditions. 

That is when you become wholly independent and authentic in your purest form. 

Once you let go of the control, you are in full power. Once you let go, you exude this magnetic energy around so that everything you need comes to you. Everything becomes simple and effortless. You find yourself anew, you discover new passions, new potential.

Who is more attractive? The needy person, begging for attention, loud for approval or the chill-out person, aware of their worth, just being themselves? 

The action of letting go is not difficult. It is the choice we have to make which seems daunting. That is everything, either you decide to cut it off, cut yourself off or not. No analysing. No pros and cons. Once you even think about making the list, the thing in itself is not right for you or you are not ready for it yet.

It is a great gift to be aware of our attachment.

When you really want something it is because you believe you will feel better in the having of it. So ask yourself, why do you want it in the first place. What is the emotion you are after? What makes you reach out for it? Do you feel like something is missing? Those questions will lead you to beliefs you need to work on. 

In fact, you are never letting go, you are actually letting in a major blessing into your life. You are giving space for the right people, experiences to enter your life. 

When you let go, you raise your vibrations.

Letting go does not imply suppressing your emotions. It means completely the opposite. It is allowing the feelings to surface because only then you are able to observe it and let go. 

Let go the control over your feelings. There is no need for you to stifle them.

Let go of trying to fix everybody.

Let go of trying to make the world the right place.

Let go, so it can be completed, for not to be repeated. 

Nothing is broken. 

Nothing needs to be fixed.

Not everyone needs to see the world through your lenses. 

There is only love and acceptance.

Let everyone be. 

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