Do not chase. Attract.

I have come to a place in my life, where I no longer feel the need to chase after happiness or rush anything, so I can finally be happy.

Because, damn, I am happy.

I no longer force others to accept me, love me, because I am loved. I love and accept myself. I no longer hold grudges or regret not doing things differently. I recognize the past as an inevitable route to the state of bliss and gratitude I am in. I enjoy and relish in the process of becoming. It wouldn’t be any other way. 

Anchored in gratitude.

Receiving is paying attention to what you already have, staying grateful is the ultimate state of reception.

How come we tend to apply the opposite approach? When did we loose ourself in the never-ending pursuit of more?

Once you go for something you don’t have, you are chasing it.

Chasing brings resistance into our life. When you are pursuing you are also introducing pressure, and quantum physics states that if two atoms are pressed together, they cannot coexist with one another. They are being pulled apart.

What is the remedy?

The key is to let go.

The degree to which you let go is the degree to which you receive. 

Chasing is always connected with a desire for something we do not have. Think about the message you are sending out to the Universe: I am lacking that, which I think about frantically.

Desire stems from the place of lack.

Lack is born out of fear. Lack is an illusion. You cannot create from the place of lack. Otherwise, you can only multiply more of it. 

Once you conjure up a vision inside your mind of how things should play out, you willingly create bondage between the action (your intention) and the outcome. You identify yourself with it. Eventually, you lose yourself within it as you are not present in the moment but living solely in the vision of your imaginary future.

Chasing creates more resistance. Chasing creates pressure. Chasing the specific outcome clouds any possibilities which may be available to you all around as you focus only towards one goal. As a result, the Universe is unable to present you with any other pathways as you do not allow for the flexibility of events to unfold.

What is more, chasing means building the foundation for your happiness on the external outcomes, and you cannot change anything within yourself while relying on the external. If you are not truly satisfied with the current situation, not any external condition will change that in the longer run. It is your perception that may change your state of being, therefore your point of attraction.

Let go of what people think.

Let go of labels.

Let go of what should be.

Let go of the idea of how everyone should behave.

Give yourself and others the freedom to coexist. When you release all the control, you allow the magic to enter your life. 

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