Make the ordinary come alive.

Are you craving this epic lifestyle promoted on social media? Are you craving living someone else’s dream?

I know that it may seem as if it is difficult to be yourself nowadays. 

Living in a society that is constantly bombarding you with their expectations of how you should behave, how social you should become, where you should live.

Has this chasing-after-culture stripped our life of joy and simplicity? Why are we ashamed of being ourselves, orchestrating our life the way we feel like living?

You may mark your life as uneventful and ordinary but first, it is only your way of seeing it and second, there is absolutely nothing shameful in being ordinary.

Depicting something simple as extraordinary and precious to you is a wonder and a great capacity of a human being. 

I want to tell you that it is perfectly alright for you to be where you want to be.

If you feel like spending time alone, you are more than welcome to do so.

If you feel like moving to a bigger city, pursuing your dream while leaving some people behind, you are in perfect alignment to fulfil your desire.

Live life on your own terms because the truth is: there is no definite and appropriate way of living.

No one should be social enough to make friends on purpose just to fit in.

No one is obligated to live in seclusion unless they wish to. Sometimes living alone, even for a while, is what we need the most to mute the crowd, the buzz in order to hear the whisper of our hearts. 

Do you. When you put up with something that feels uncomfortable to you, you sacrifice the most important relationship, the one with yourself.

You are here to fulfil your Soul’s purpose without comparing yourself to others, without analyzing, without living in hurt or pain. You are here to live your Soul’s guidance, to make an impact, to represent the love, not to live in fear

Your only obligation on this earth is to follow the path which feels good to you. In accomplishing that you are not only going for the prize as the destination itself. First and foremost, you are gaining knowledge and experience along the way.

Yes, some of us need other people to feel the energy going viral through our bodies. Others need nature to feel complete. Yet, others want to find themselves on their own.

Questions we are bombarding ourselves with:

Yes, there are times when social media can influence your perception or evaluation of your life. You start questioning your way of living: am I living life to the fullest? Am I taking advantage of all that is being presented to me? Asking questions is normal. Having doubts is normal. The key to sanity is to find yourself in those questions and doubts, find your place among them for you value lies in being true to yourself

There is no right path, no universal way for everyone to connect with their core being. One can be suppressing their passion, talking himself out of going after the dream of travelling the world on his own, while the other may feel perfectly content with his life in a small town, surrounded by people they are familiar with while visiting their local bakery. 

Questions you should be contemplating:

How about living life for your own pleasure? How about not sharing what you are doing all day long with anyone? What would be the most appealing way of living to you? 

What is wrong with ordinary life? What is undesirable in finding marvels at small mundane things? How come that quiet life seems to be so criticized and laughed at? 

It is up to you what you choose an interesting life to be. 

So I ask you not to beat up on yourself if you are having doubts. I ask you not to let any negative comments from your family or media you are exposed to mess up with your clear intentions and desires. Only you can know exactly what you need at the moment, and only you truly know how to cater for yourself.

Stop chasing your future while you forget to nurture what is in front of you only to later blame yourself for not fully embracing the carpe diem. Find beauty in everything that surrounds you. There is nothing wrong with fast-paced life just as there is no shame in the slow way of living. I marvel at both worlds. Make a choice. Make a statement and do not feel guilty about it. 

Follow your heart’s desires amidst the surrounding chaos. No one is more important than your authentic self. This is your biggest power. 

Freedom cannot be granted to you by somebody else or by any external entity. 

Freedom is a decision only you can make to participate in. You have the choice to either perceive it and live it or not. It is that simple. 

Decide today: I am free. 

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