I am becoming everything I wish to receive.

Whatever the reason is behind your action, you are going to get more of it as a result.

Our beliefs create vibrational frequencies which we eventually become. We ground ourselves into emotional states by reliving certain situations, producing equivalent spirals of thoughts on a daily basis. Those frequencies attract people, circumstances alike which fit into our beliefs.

Our belief system can construct walls and hold us captive within. We cannot move upwards or outside it unless we acknowledge them, work with them to eventually change our expectations thus circumstances of our lives.

Our belief system can also lead to extraordinary results, exceeding one’s expectations but matching the exact beliefs of another. How can we use our beliefs to our advantage? By grounding ourselves in the present moment. Paying attention to how we feel every step of the way.

Do you count on kindness from others?

Then act, think and most importantly feel kindly towards the world. Avoid placing yourself in the victim narrative. Do not pity yourself. Do not encourage compassion from others. Spread kindness all around you, even if somebody may not deserve this (in your opinion) but that is not your call to decide. Your beliefs create your reality and people you surround yourself with.

What qualities you cultivate inside your mind, the same equivalents you will construct around in the physical world.

Those feelings must come from the heart as it is the place where all begins. Open your heart to the greatness and beauty of this world, and the reality will speak to you the exact same words of kindness.

Do you wish for love?

Become pure love. Be in love with your life, your personality, your ideas. Project love onto animals and nature. Share love with people all over the world, whether in your physical surroundings or through support on social media. But most of all: love yourself. Show it through taking care of your body, setting up healthy boundaries, excitedly showing up for yourself every single day, doing things for your pleasure, and not for somebody else’s. Especially not because someone expects you to act according to their wishes. Choose you. You are the embodiment of pure love, if you are not able to recognize it yet, it is so because of all the opinions, criticism, and beliefs of others thrown at you. You may let them believe their truth, but that does not need to constitute your paradigm.

When you become love, only things that match this essence can come to you.

Do you want prosperity?

Notice abundance and well-being all around you. Become the energy of abundance to somebody else. Appreciate the luxury of your home, of your transportation on this planet. Acknowledge the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Bless the innovation of your times: electricity, high technology, fast and wireless communication. How often do we take such luxuries for granted? Enjoy it. Be eager for more. There is nothing shameful about expansion. You are the creator. You are the visioner. Let’s celebrate this magnificent contrast of varieties and possibilities we are all a part of.

If you react with anger and frustration, that is exactly what you are going to harvest. If your deeds are motivated by jealousy or vengeance, the outcome will bounce right back at you.

If you buy something and you regret spending that money, they will always disappear eventually, one way or another, the thing you have purchased will not serve you well. If you step into the relationship out of fear or loneliness, this relationship will make you even more powerless.

When you do something out of joy, generosity, kindness, out of alignment with your soul, it is bound to bring more joy, satisfaction, and well-being into your life.

Whatever you water your plant with, grows. Because love, joy, gratitude, appreciation, harmony are fertilizers. You choose what you cultivate your world with. Lay the foundation of your deed first. When you pour love into something it will always turn out magnificently. When you believe in something unshakeably, it will always come true.

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