It is not easy to let the person go…

It is not easy to let the person go, the person you once thought you were.

You see, human minds are prone to clinging to the past, to relive the story over and over again.

Whole nations build their empires based on their history, usually drenched in slavery, slaughter, and violence. It is not useful to repeat patterns of our past, hoping for a different future.

There is no benefit from holding to our past experiences and letting them define you. Because you are not your past.

I get it, the unknown may be scary, but it can also be madly thrilling. There are always two sides of the coin. It is totally up to you, which side will you be willing to look upon. Once you make the leap, the old self that your mind has been holding on to is no longer here. You create the new system. You create the new reality and still loving it by learning how to thrive in it, discovering anew your strengths and abilities. You amaze yourself.

Faith in the unknown has never disheartened me, only made me realize what a truly marvellous potential lingers inside every human being.

Every day you have a possibility of a fresh start. You can completely recreate yourself. Your present thoughts, your present actions state who you truly are. You are not the person you were yesterday. Tomorrow, you will not be the person you are today. You will learn new skills, you will think new thoughts. So do not let the past weigh you down.

On the conscious level, you realize that you deserve to get better, to outgrow yourself, to shed your past circumstances, so they can no longer enslave you.

But on the subconscious level, you still cling to your former habits, assumptions. The mind does not approve changes.

You need to understand this: as long as you cling to your former experiences or live in the future, you are enslaved by either fear or hope. While your actions are shadowed by fear there is no moving forward, no breakthroughs can be made. While your intentions are designed purely by hope, your actions are illusions. You are waiting to become something more, waiting to gain more. While in fact you already are enough and complete. There is only present moment. And in this present moment, we need to learn how to relish, how to enjoy, and be our true selves.

Think about it. How many people avoid change? How many people are paralysed by their fears of what might be, what could be, and what should be? Who even gets to decide what is the best for you, what environment can you best prosper in? Only you can have this kind of intuition.

You deserve to feel good as everyone is entitled to their own journey.

Acknowledge the present moment. Drink it in. Be willing to let go. Be willing to give this moment up. Only then will you be able to identify and truly cherish the presence.

It is not easy to break patterns of the old self. It is not going to be done overnight. Self-development can be a daunting task or an exciting project, actually the best project of your lifetime. How willing are you to show up for yourself?

Take that chance of living in the present moment, appreciate things taken in our modern world for granted, go with the flow of your life and desires by doing what makes you feel at your best. I have got some news for you: sooner or later you will be overwhelmed by expectations of others and you will snap. Very loudly. It demands courage to not follow everybody’s footsteps. You get to create your own path by abandoning what you already know. Once you carry on this new attitude, you are free to embrace new possibilities.

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