How to strengthen our immune system?

We cherish health most once we lose it.
We long for freedom once it has been taken away from us.
We nurture love profoundly once we taste the void.

Become immune.

Immune to the fear induced by the media.
Immune to other people’s bullshit.
Immune to all the chaos that only seems to surround you.

For this chaos is only an illusion.

Lift up the veil behind the fear and the ugliness.
Create your world, your truth.

Quit the negative thinking for nothing makes you weaker than giving in to the frustration, judgement, or blaming others. Especially at times when our faith in the good is up for tests and trials. Now we have the opportunity to ground ourselves in the light of love, understanding, and respect.

Whatever may be happening around you: your light always shines from the inside of you. And that is the only Source you should choose to be influenced by, not the external circumstances. They are not yours to be defined. Your happiness, your success, your mood, your attitude stem from you. What you are delivering to this world, you are also receiving.

Let’s avoid using anger as an excuse to project our fears onto others.

Let’s avoid blaming everyone around and pinpointing mistakes. What the negative energy is responsible for is creating more negativity thus making us weaker.

What we focus on, grows stronger in our lives. Thus, stop concentrating on the ugliness and the unwanted. Let’s choose freedom, laughter, taking care of ourselves and others, no matter what their viewpoints may be or how fierce their opinions may get. Those people need compassion the most.

Aggression has never soothed uneasiness.
Rage has never tamed hatred.

It is our birthright to be healthy, free, prosperous, and surrounded by love. It is also our right to represent those values by the wholeness of who we are.

Do not follow the crowd. Have the courage to truly be yourself, especially when others do not seem to understand. Create your Own Story. Remain true to your values, your desires so that they become anchored in your everyday life.

Remain under the influence of You.

The Universe will always yield to you, what you resonate with, what you are filled with to the brim of your existence. Even if, the chaos seems to be raging all around you, if the harmony speaks through you, the harmony will always remain.

Let’s avoid arguing. Let’s accept the diversity. The ability to appreciate the contrasting variety in the midst of chaos, maintaining the harmonious ability to coexist is the undeniable masterpiece.

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