Learn to see the value in every experience of your life.

It is vital for your sanity to behold every life occurrence as the opportunity to enrich your soul.

Not only will you gain peace of mind, but by changing your perspective on every situation, every uncomfortable encounter, you allow yourself to regain control upon what happens to you and how it unfolds.

Isn’t it an omnipresent theme in your existence: everything is always working out for me? Even during the bleakest of times, life always finds its way to present you with a bigger purpose. Even though some things seem unnecessary or unwelcome, there is eventually a reason for it and a feeling of gratitude sweeping all over you once you recognize the wisdom behind it. Life always takes you to a greater destination.

Once you realize that things are always working out for you, you allow yourself to enjoy every experience as it comes along your way. And when that is the case, there is no room for impatience, rush nor any complaints. You accept the world as it is and allow everybody else to be who they wish to be.

“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it”.

The art of living is to greet every occurrence as a cherished guest of your reality, make a room, and serve it with gratitude.

As an example: when we desire something so strongly we tend to focus on the absence of it. We are standing in the way of what we have eyes for. We visualize it, imagine it and long for it simultaneously. Then, a year later we develop new feelings, newly shaped desires, and this vision which a year ago has been formulated in a quite different way now has gained a completely new silhouette, provides us with a new perspective, stirs new feelings. At that moment you know why it has not manifested itself earlier. Either you were not ready for it, the thing has not been yet prepared for you, or you were meant to come to a different conclusion about why you have decided to reach for it in the first place.

Your world is perfectly harmonious and exquisitely organized.

The Universe is composed in perfect order. There are no mistakes, no coincidences. There is only our approach towards events happening around us and what we choose to invite into our reality.

It is a remarkable mindset to establish: grateful for what has happened, what has already manifested itself but expectant of more. Because once you would see what is coming for you, you would not be stressed any more about your future. By cultivating unwavering faith, you keep all troubles and fears at bay.

Once you get the hang of all the synchronicity responding according to your vibrations, you will want to deliberately think thoughts of joy, appreciation, and abundance. Not to make something happen, but to bask in the feeling of invincibility supported by your pure intention to feel good despite the external conditions.

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