When people part ways.

Separation is an inseparable part of every spiritual transformation. Once vital transitions occur inside you, you begin to perceive the world through different lenses and your outside world changes as well. Your soul’s purpose no longer resonates with the old world, old perceptions and old acquaintances. People just leave.

However, there is no point in looking at it as a waste. Do not hold grudges towards people who no longer share your values. If they are the ones feeling resentment towards you, accept it and let them go or respect your energy and walk away. At the very least, let those relationships wear off naturally.

First of all, usually the loss turns out to be a blessing in the longer run. This life-sucking energy is leaving your system. Secondly, if somebody resents you because your perspective has changed, it is a blunt manipulation and a form of control. They send a clear message: ‘I do not fancy who you have become, who you really are or who you wish to become because there is nothing in it for me. I want you to behave my way.” Are those true friendships you wish to cultivate?

The end of a relationship shouldn’t be perceived as a loss. It will always be what you make of it. You can mark it as the end of an era, an opportunity to complain or you can mold it into a motivation to act boldly, a space for growth. Create the new world. Being hit by a brick was not meant to hurt you but to wake you up. Now, pick up the brick and build, one small step at a time. Only you can decide what you make out of this experience, how you shape it to match your preferences. Every end can serve as a new beginning and no circumstances make it so but your personal attitude.

Everybody serves a purpose in our lives. Some people come to teach us a lesson, to guide us and when this function is completed, we shall part ways. Others arrive to stay forever but only your attitude dictates how long will you allow to welcome them into your reality.

There are no coincidences. Every time we break old patterns or create new ones, they lead us towards the new future. Every disappointment brings about bitterness or a lesson. You decide what your reaction is. Will you return to playing the same record over and over again or will you steer your ship in a complete new direction?

There are no patterns you should follow. There are no rules you should apply. Only your feelings and your personal choices are significant. If the relationship no longer feels right to you, you have no obligation to stick to it.

Once you are grounded in your new reality, people who resonate with your energy will find their way to you or perhaps old relationship will be reborn.

Do not cling to people, places and habits. Create new ones. Experience. Discover. Choose. Breathe in fresh air. When you give in to the flow of life, you are bound to gather the bountiful harvest.

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