How to deal with criticism?

How to deal with people, who criticize, judge and try to control you through their perception of what you should or should not live up to. Let’s not label those people as difficult or wrong, let’s say they are the addition of wisdom to our lives.

How to deal with them? Well, accept them. Pity them. At least try to understand where are they coming from.

We meet those kinds of people every day.

Think now about this person, who by his or her behavior makes you feel a little less, a little less important, a little less valuable. This person perhaps is so stubborn in their perception and what they think is right, that it is so hard to even communicate a different point of view.

Firstly, if you deal with difficult people on a daily basis, this is a precious indication of your vibrations. Remember, nothing in this world is happening to you. You can only invite people, events into your life. What you are, what vibrations you emit, you attract into your life.

Second of all, if you should meet people who make nasty comments about yourself or anyone; those comments are not aimed at you. They can only be projected onto people who articulate or think those remarks.

You see, people are often narrowly focused to see the world only through one pair of lenses, so they are only able to see one approach to every relationship, only one way to solve an argument (usually to give you their piece of mind by actually starting the argument themselves). Those people tend to perceive one way of living, one way of earning money as the most important and relevant one. They are not flexible in their approach to life.

Do you hear how it sounds? They are not flexible. Now, with that approach, who is less privileged? You, who can accept and communicate with people who appreciate various points of view? What is the disadvantage in here? You are the problem or their stiff approach towards life?

This is why I believe that those kinds of people deserve the most love and compassion. Do not argue with their limitations, do not force your points of view on them, do not even let yourself get angry by their comments. They already have it uphill with their short-sighted vision of everything around them.

Nurture your understanding towards them. Observe the feelings which they stir up inside you. First and foremost, remember who you really are, how loving and grateful your essence is. Once you find your true Joy of Being in this life, you are free. They on the other hand, are going to come back to their tight reality, mundane life and self-inflicted problems.

Stay grateful for people who challenge you, because ultimately they are the ones who have difficult time being with themselves. Treat them like road signs, which show you exactly who you do not want to become and where do you not wish to follow. Do not let yourself be dragged into this bottomless pit of criticism and dreadful expectations. Challenging people are a true gift as they always leave us stronger and better prepared.

Those words can be difficult or even may sound ridiculous at this moment, however the energy stays with the person who criticizes. Like the unwanted gift, it always ends up with the giver.

Obviously, you always have the choice to cut them out off your life, but sooner or later you are going to ‘stumble upon’ the next person, who makes you feel just like the previous one. Until you learn how to cope with them, how to strengthen your vibrations and change your attraction, you will be affected by those nasty comments, which they make regularly.

Accept those people who you cannot get rid of from your experience, but most importantly do not fight them. The argument and the effort only weakens your vibrations and take too much of your precious energy and that will attract more and more negativity into your life.

So next time, somebody throws at you their nasty remark, reply: Thank you for sharing. I see you are having a very bad day (otherwise you would not feel the need to project this on anybody else) and I truly wish you all the best.

And you know, words are powerful but emotions are more powerful. So when you say those kinds of words, really mean it. Try to really understand the person who is struggling.

Happy and complete people do not feel the need to criticize or to force their point of view. Content people accept all there is, accept the diversity and are able to contemplate new ideas and gladly engage in respectful conversations.

Remember, what you focus on, grows. Always come back to your natural state of love and kindness, where no one can hurt you.

It does not mean that nothing hurtful ever happens to you again. It simply means you are so grounded in your being that no one can move you from your bliss to their pit.

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