Be kind. Stay grateful. Have fun.

There is so much potential in each of us.

You do not have to force anything. Take from this space whatever feels good.

Pure alignment. Positive vibes. Your vibes.

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Jak osiągnąć szczęście?

Jeśli będziesz szukał na zewnątrz, będziesz szukał wiecznie, nigdy nie będziesz w pełni usatysfakcjonowany.

See beyond the illusion.

Everything which happens to us and around is our mirror.  Whether it is the person you live with, your parent or a stranger in line in front of you, those people (and no exceptions) mirror to us some behaviour, patterns, deeply rooted beliefs which we consciously or unconsciously follow.  Every life occurrence is here forContinue reading “See beyond the illusion.”

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